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1 Dress, 2 Ways

1 Dress 2 Ways1 Dress 2 Ways1 Dress 2 Ways1 Dress 2 Ways1 Dress 2 Ways1 Dress 2 Ways1 Dress 2 Ways

I am completely aware of how overused the saying is that goes "you can totally dress it up or dress it down!" But this strapless jersey dress (only $10!) from Old Navy allows for some serious versatility. My advice to you when you have a classic dress like this would be to accessorize with fun statement pieces. In my casual look, the floral tennies are the statement piece, and in the dressy look the button down with "love" written on it makes the statement. Think of your dress as a blank canvas and have fun! I certainly did with these two outfits. To me, the casual outfit says "coffee date" while the dressy version says "real date", as in "take-me-somewhere-nice-because-I-want-an-excuse-to-wear-heels" kind of date. You know the one.

On another note, apparently I'm really into tying my button-down shirts lately…90's style. I hope that's okay with you. Which look do you like better?

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