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Pajama Sam

Pajama Sam


Top | Bottoms | Bag | Shoes

OK please tell me I'm not the only one who remembers the computer game Pajama Sam? It was basically the cutest video game my generation has seen. Back in the day, I would spend hours on our boxy, Windows desktop in a spinny office chair with my brother by my side collecting objects. It was a favorite in our household, I might even consider it a classic.

Although this look is not a PJ set, it very obviously kind of looks like one. And I'm completely okay with that. I'm all about comfort these days! I wore this outfit in New York, but I'll be completely honest the pants have been a weekly staple for the past two months. I throw it on with a white tee or sweater regularly. They're the perfect fashion-meets-function addition to my wardrobe. 

Side story about the day I wore this look: I was in SoHo with friends exploring and taking photos (the leaning on the scaffolding photo to be exact) when we noticed a group of men chatting next to us. My friend was convinced that the man in the blue flannel shirt was some celebrity, but I wasn't as sure. We continued shooting and they continued talking for a few minutes and then they went on walking down the street.

A moment later a women pops out from the store behind us and goes, "hey did you guys see Leonardo Dicaprio? He was just in here shopping with that group of guys."

Us: "What! No! We were looking at the dude in the blue flannel!" 

Shopgirl: "Yup that's him. White tee, blue hat, khaki shorts."

Us: Running.....

Guys, I don't fangirl often, but this was JACK DAWSON we're talking about. So Catherine and I bolted up the street where we caught up to them at a streetlight and yes INDEED it was him. Turns out he was in town for the US Open and not the Katelyn Now photo shoot ;) It was an unexpected little highlight from my trip!

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