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Twin Cities

Twin Cities


First of all, these pics were not taken in the Twin Cities. I promise I'm not trying to fool anybody :) I snapped them on a coffee date with Gabbi in Chicago last week! It's been on and off gloomy here and on days when it is I'm just reaching for jeans and a casual top, but I'm sure I'll get a few more sundress days in this summer before I start thinking fall!

Anyway, I realized that I've been to the Twin Cities twice in the past few months and haven't shared any details about those trips over here! I'm pretty lucky that I have a lot of family members who live up in Minneapolis and St. Paul, Minnesota because the cities have so much to offer and are incredibly underrated in my opinion! When I'm there I feel such a progressive and healthy lifestyle vibe and holy cow, let me tell you about their dining scene! On my first trip this year back in April I asked for suggestions from you guys on my Insta-Stories and received so many responses I'd had to have written a book for you guys had I had time to try them all! I've had about 6 days total in the Twin Cities this year so I'm linking to all the noteworthy things I had time to check out below and saving the rest of your suggestions for my next trip :)


Spyhouse - Seems to be the most popular, with many different locations to choose from. We stopped at the Whittier neighborhood location which had some cool, old-timey vibes.

Quixotic Coffee - This was my favorite and they make a great matcha latte!

Penny's Coffee - Such a unique and airy atmosphere! Gave me some corporate NYC vibes so I felt important just being there ;)


Copper Hen - If you only get a chance to go to one place on this list...GO HERE. I went with my mom and we both agreed the food was out of this world. After stuffing ourselves we didn't want to leave because they were playing great music and interior was so pretty (yes we ordered another cocktail at noon that day).

The Hewing - Stopped in here for drinks one evening and it was young, trendy, and impeccably designed!

Public Kitchen - Yum! The best tomato bisque I've ever had and the salmon was well worth the $$!



Uptown - It was fun to walk around in this area. Feels creative and it's where I found one of my favorite building murals!

Edina - The BEST shops including Room No. 3 and Parc Shop.

Minnehaha Falls - Walk here if you get a chance! The park is so beautiful and right on the Mississippi River, the perfect escape from the city for awhile!


Agra Culture - Had a sushi bowl here that was just to die for.

Truce - The Coco Berry Acai Bowl was happiness in a bowl :) 



90's Baby

90's Baby

City Stripes

City Stripes