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Milwaukee, WI

Milwaukee, WI

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I’ve written a lot this summer about places that I’ve been and given you my recommendations for the cities that I’ve recently visited. When Anthropologie asked me to represent my home state of Wisconsin for their 50 States of Denim campaign, I realized maybe it was time to share some of my favorite spots in my own state :) I grew up in the Milwaukee area and after living away from home for almost two years now I definitely have a newfound appreciation for my city. If you’ve never been to Milwaukee, I always describe it as a mini Chicago, finding similarities in some of the neighborhoods, the scenic riverwalk, and of course Lake Michigan. Every single time I’m back home I find myself in the Third Ward and spending time on Milwaukee’s Lakefront. Here are a few other places I visit very frequently when I'm in town:


Fresh Fin: I could eat sushi bowls for every meal! I've tried many poke places now and Fresh Fin takes the cake for me considering value and taste :)

Public Market: I usually eat at the Green Kitchen, but I'm so excited to try the newest vendor which has reasonable priced acai bowls, called On The Bus and is designed like an old VW bus!

Beans + Barley: Just overall great, healthy options! There's also a little general store area in here as well.


Colectivo: I talk / post about this coffee shop all the time. Any location has great atmosphere and of course a yummy coffee selection. Lucky for me, even though it's founded in Milwaukee, they now have a Chicago location minutes from my apartment!

Stone Creek: My favorite location is their foundry cafe, but the location connection to 88.9 is fun too! They make a great Vanilla Lavender Latte!


Walk the lakefront

Kayak the river

Ride around on a Bublr bike downtown 

Pedal Tavern through the Third Ward


Purple Door Ice Cream: Has the most unique flavors and worth the wait if there's a line :)

Indulgence Chocolatiers: Chocolate. Enough said.

Kopps or Leons: There's an age-old debate on which has better Wisconsin frozen custard...I personally don't discriminate :)

P.S. The code for Anthropologie denim is still going strong! Use WI20 (that's WI as in Wisconsin), for $20 off a pair of full priced jeans :) Happy shopping!

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