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Beach Babe

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Beach Babe
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I'm pushing it real close by posting this summer look only a few days prior to the first official day of fall, but hey it's almost 90 degrees in Chicago today. These photos were taken in the beginning of this month, early on a very windy Friday morning at the beach after a coffee run to my local Colectivo. Since living in Florida, being close to the beach in my new Chicago life has been important to me and it's still where I feel most at peace; my favorite place to read, write, and run :)

Lately, I've wanted to fill you guys in on what my day-to-day looks like here in Chicago. A part of me wanted to avoid this topic entirely because I think our society places too much value on what it is someone "does.' After all, it's usually the first question we ask someone upon meeting them. I've heard Marie Forleo answer the question with "I am a multi-passionate entrepreneur," an answer I can get behind. The thing is, when we ask this question we're really asking "how do you make money?" not "what do you do that makes your life purposeful?" or "what do you do that you enjoy?" So, if the question is phrased the way most of us mean it when we ask, I make money by nannying for a beautiful baby girl a few days a week and writing for this blog*. But what it is that I do? Do as in what lights me up, how I spend my free moments, where I find purpose...here's what I do: I seek inspiration daily**, I study meditation, I try to have intentional, positive interactions with the people around me, I sing horribly and dance reflexively to songs that make me smile, I explore my new city on foot, I read, I write, I wander. What it is that I'm doing with my life is living it the most simple and peaceful way I know how.

As someone who has struggled immensely with depression and anxiety through my late teens and early 20s I've learned that it is most important for me to spend every possible moment feeling aligned and present. When I moved to Florida I felt like I was really able to shake the pressures of society. I got quiet and asked myself, "what do I want to DO?" and I heard a simple answer from somewhere inside of me that said "nanny and write." and without any questions that's exactly what I started to do. My blog allows me to be creative and being a care-taker gives me purpose. Creativity + Purpose = Alignment.

The words to this post have flowed out onto this page in much more length than I thought they would, but after a few months I decided touching on this topic was something I wanted to do. If you made it this far treat yourself to a cookie today, you deserve it! 

*As mentioned above, my blog is turning into somewhat of a career for me, meaning this space is monetized. To be honest, that doesn't mean any change for you. If you are someone who has concerns when you see the word "sponsored," just know this...I say "no" to working with many more brands that I say "yes" to. I would never accept payment for promoting a product or company that I wouldn't actually try or use in my actual life. Also, the words "sponsored by," "partner," or "ad" never mean that a company told me what to say, it simply means that I've received some sort of payment in exchange for talking about the product in my own creative way and exposing it to new people the company might not be able to reach themselves.

**I'm going to bring back my email newsletter! I'll be sending an email twice a month where I'm going to share a current inspiration of mine (something offline majority of the time) and hopefully you'll share something that's been lighting you up too! If you want to be a part of it enter your email in the box below this post and hit subscribe :)