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Valentine's Day | 2018

Valentine's Day | 2018


Tee : Alice & Wonder | Jeans : Madewell | Watch : Fossil

This cute tee from Alice & Wonder got me in the V-Day spirit early this year! That and the fact that I've stumbled across a few articles online calling it "Me-Day" as a day to focus extra on self-care, which is an idea I could get behind :) In fact I think I've been practicing Me-day ever since I can remember. I've spent plenty of Valentine's Day as a single gal, but I was definitely not the type to get mopey about it on Valentine's Day. I tend to enjoy the idea of most holidays (even if they are made-up) as an excuse to do something fun or out of the ordinary. In the past that's often meant spending the day baking or crafting little valentine's to give to friends. It sounds so corny, but it's a fun way to get a bit creative!

This year me and my guy are planning on FaceTiming while eating the same meal and starting a movie at the same time since we're doing long distance! There are so many ways to make the day fun no matter your circumstances so I thought I'd share some ideas of how to spend Valentine's Day (or just some intentional time this week) !

- Bake cookies or cupcakes to give to co-workers

- Send cards to your besties

- Call a friend/family member

- Take a luxurious bubble bath

- Take a hip-hop dance class

- Go out for ice cream mid-day

- Draw a picture

- Go to an independent bookstore

I hope you all have a great (Hallmark) holiday! ;) Holla at me if you do any of my suggestions (or think of something better)! XO 

Colorado | 2018

Colorado | 2018