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90's Nostalgia

Tank : Gap | Necklace : Lizzibeth | Shirt : Old (Similar) | Jeans : Gap | Shoes : TOMS Photos : Resler Photography

I'm finally realizing what it feels like to get older and along with that realization comes knowing that it'll only get worse. My 23rd birthday is 9 days away. I am a college graduate. One of the kids I babysat for just graduated high school. And worst of all, a style trend that was in when I was born is back. I FEEL SO OLD! I hope this doesn't mean I have to start acting like an adult...

As I mentioned, the shirt tied around the waist dealio making a comeback. Weird. I remember making fun of this look not to long ago. Nevertheless a few years later I love how casual it appears and I've decided to go with it :)

Anyway, when Kim and I took these pictures the guy at Starbucks asked what we were up to. I mentioned that I have a blog and we were just snapping some outfit pictures. I'm convinced he must have gotten the wrong idea and thought this was way cooler than it actually is and I ended up getting a free drink out of it (no complaints)! I'm thinking maybe I should have my photographer follow me around everywhere I go now to see how many free things I get…thoughts? Okay I'm (half) joking here… ;)

Happy hump day!


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