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A Case of the Mondays

I was racking my brain all day yesterday for something exciting to write about for today's post. Nothing ever came to me. To be honest my inspiration was pretty low for a Sunday (the day I usually spend planning out my posts for the week). Instead I just wanted to get away from my computer, shut everything down, and relax with a cup of tea & a good book. So although it's Monday, I'm encouraging you all to take a moment to just be. Be without the distractions of technology. Go an hour with your phone off. Go for a walk. Read a book. An actual physical book. Sometimes we can get overwhelmed by the alternate, ever-changing universe that is the internet and don't even realize it. I appreciate every single comment and like that I get for this site, but if you shutting down for a bit today means that I don't get a single amount of feedback, that is fine by me. Having a moment to yourself to do a little soul searching is more important. So enjoy your few minutes of technology-free peace today & I think I will too :)

But no need to worry, I'll be back with something much more witty or thought-provoking in a day or two!




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