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A Spoonful of Sugar


In my hometown we already had our big trick-or-treating extravaganza. Each year my parents host a huge Halloween party and all friends and family are invited. Our subdivision is really a sight to see on this weekend, everyone goes all out. I'm talking decorating the entire house based on a theme like "Titanic" or "Star Wars"...this year pirate ships were the big thing. There's usually a few tricks here and there, but mostly treats even for the adults AKA, 21+ beverages are served at multiple houses. Yea, we don't mess around in Wisconsin!

This year I went as Mary Poppins (and my lovely friend & photographer as Dorothy on the right). Let me tell you this was the simplest costume ever! I already had the white blouse (as everyone should since it's a wardrobe staple), black leggings, and boots. All I needed was a skirt ($5) and a hat ($4) which I purchased at Goodwill. Then I ran to Michael's and got a couple flowers to add to the hat with a hot glue gun. Oh and the bag was from Walmart in the sewing dept! Easy peazy :)

Since I feel like Halloween's been over for awhile with my trick-or-treat being early, here are a couple links I'm loving to keep in the Halloween Spirit:

1. 50 Amazing Halloween Decorating Ideas from HGTV

2. Villafane Studios - The most incredible pumpkin carving you'll ever see

3. Film Noir make-up to create a black & white effect from Refinery29

Happy Halloween!

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