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Ampersand Bookend DIY

Ampersand Bookend DIY

For the longest time I've been on the hunt for cute bookends that are actually affordable because holy cow those things can get pricey! Eventually the DIYer in me came out and decided to take on the project myself, mostly because I found these ampersands at Michael's for around $4 and couldn't pass them up. As with any craft project, this took longer than I expected and I ran into multiple little problems along the way. I'm sure this was due to that fact that I tried being super thrifty and only using materials I already had in my house for everything. Tip: don't do this. Just go out and buy the few extra little items you'll need ;) Read on for a quick tutorial!

Materials needed:

- 2 Wooden Ampersands - 1 Small wooden circle - Wood Stain - Paintbrush - Saw - Sandpaper - Staple gun - Small piece of plywood - Craft glue (I used E6000) // All from Michael's


1. Saw circle block in half (My boyfriend did this using a hand saw, because it was all we had. I would suggest using a power saw if you have one).

2. Sand all edges of the cut in half circle block.

3. Stain both pieces of the block. Let dry.

4. Since I was attempting to be thrifty, instead of plywood I used paint sticks for this step. I broke off the top portion of 2 wooden paint sticks and sanded down the edges.

5. Use staple gun to attach the small piece of plywood to the back, bottom portion of both ampersands. There should be just enough plywood hanging off the bottom of the ampersand to staple to the block later.

6. Place a very small dab of glue to the bottom of the ampersand where it will sit on the half circle block.

7. Place ampersand on the stained and dry block with the plywood pushed up against the edge of the half circle and let glue dry. Repeat for other bookend.

8. When the glue is completely dry, staple the bottom half of the plywood on the back of both bookends to the block for extra stability.

Voila! You now have a stylish and scholarly set of bookends for less than $20 :)

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