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Bedroom Tour


Welcome to my bedroom! I wanted to share this space mostly because I'll be moving back home in a few short months so I  was eager to find a way to remember the little details. Also because the room is in it's post-spring cleaning state and will most likely never be this pristine again ;) While I am truly excited to be moving back with home with my parents for a bit after college graduation, I'll be sad to be leaving this ideal bedroom behind that I've put a lot of time and creativity into!

Bedroom decoration inspiration Bedroom decoration inspiration

 I'm not a fan of how redish-orange my statement wall looks in the above picture so refer to the ones below for the true coral color :) I keep some of my favorite things by my bedside so I see them first thing when I wake up and right before I go to sleep! I'll always have the book I'm reading on my nightstand, but my favorite is the "53 things I love about you" that my boyfriend made for me a couple weeks ago (he added a joker to the deck of cards to make 53) ♥

Bedroom decoration inspirationBedroom decoration inspiration

Please ignore the disaster in the cubbies above ^^ I'll admit I do not keep that space very organized. It's pretty much a combination of beauty/desk supplies crammed into that space. Not very pretty….

On another note, a tutorial for my DIY "Carpe Diem" print can be found here :)

Bedroom decoration inspirationBedroom decoration inspiration

Aaaand my favorite part of this room is my TWO closets. My roommate and I really lucked out with our college rental. The amount of storage space we have is ridiculous (in a good way) and I haven't taken that for granted! Below is my clothing closet on the left and my accessories closet on the right. It's pretty much a style bloggers dream come true!

Bedroom decoration inspirationBedroom decoration inspiration

Share any thoughts you have in the comments below, I love to hear what my readers have to say!

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