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Berry Inspired


Berry Inspired Style Berry Inspired Style

Berry Inspired Style

Berry Inspired Style

Berry Inspired Style


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Despite the fact that there's a winter weather advisory for tonight…the past few days have kind of felt like Spring may actually come! The sunshine and (slightly) warmer air has changed my attitude from thinking "Why do I live in Milwaukee? Worst city ever!" all winter long, back to the much more truthful attitude of "I love this city!"

So when spending a day at the Milwaukee Public Market, I was inspired by all things Spring. Blooming flowers, fresh berries, and the return of colored denim to my outfits, finally! I'm wearing Maybelline's Bit of Berry lipstick that I thought paired well with these bright raspberry jeans from GapAnd of course I brought along my DIY strawberry tote to pull the whole berry-inspired look together :)

Happy Wednesday!

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