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Blogger Problem #398

Cargo Skinnies + Royal Blue

Cargo Skinnies + Royal BlueCargo Skinnies + Royal BlueCargo Skinnies + Royal BlueCargo Skinnies + Royal BlueCargo Skinnies + Royal Blue

First of all, my apologies for abandoning the blog and all forms of social media for the past few days. My labor day weekend was spent up north with my mom's side of the family as we do every year and to be honest it was the least insta-worthy trip ever (not complaining). All three days were spent wearing sweats and no-makeup while either playing board games or dancing on furniture with wine in hand. And this isn't just me I'm talking about…aunts, uncles, & cousins included! We are one incredibly close, noisy, and unreserved family to the point where even Instagram pictures wouldn't do us justice. That being said let's talk style blogger probs, because there are a lot of them.

One of an unlimited amount of problems a style blogger will run into has to do with this outfit. I wore it a week or two ago when I went out with some friends for the evening. I didn't really put too much thought into it, but I knew I liked how it looked and thought it deserved a spot in my style archives. When it came time to for the photo shoot, I must have changed shirts 10 times and shoes closer to 20. I became obsessively thinking "Is this outfit even blog-worthy?" or "Would anyone actually take inspiration from this?" or my favorite "Why do I do this style blogging thing again!?"

 Since then I've obviously remembered why I like to blog and most importantly remembered that I blog for me (selfish I know). Any outfit post on here is my own and doesn't need to live up to any unrealistic blog-worthy standard. Duh Katelyn.

Anyway, if you happen to like what you see today go ahead and shop the look below:

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Photos by Resler Photography
Fall Vibes

Fall Vibes

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