Boho Vibes

Boho Vibes

[Sweater is from Woodbury Lane! Continue reading for details...]

I finally own a floppy hat! This has been on my fall wish-list all season and when I discovered this one at Target I couldn't resist. For some reason I just cannot picture pairing this type of hat with skinny jeans. I feel like it would kill the whole boho vibe it gives off. Hence the flares. I haven't busted these babies out in months…maybe even a year. Surprisingly, I think I missed them.

You probably can't tell from looking at the site, but my mind has been far from this blog the past few days. It's good to be back in this alternate little universe again. It was an eventful weekend with the end of year banquet for my dance team on Friday night, Framsgiving (Thanksgiving with friends who are like family) on Saturday night, and an all day photo shoot on Sunday! On top of all that, and the main reason my mind has been elsewhere, is the fact that as of TODAY people are shopping at Woodbury Lane!

 I figured since WL has many items that would make excellent gifts, people should have access to them even though the biz isn't quite ready for it's official launch! Therefore, today Woodbury Lane's "Gift Boutique" was launched exclusively to our subscribers!

If you want to check it out and start your gift-giving  (or shop for yourself) sign up with your email on the website. The sweater I'm wearing in this post just happens to be one of the items that's available :)