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Book Review: #GIRLBOSS

Book Review: #GIRLBOSS

 This book. This book just speaks to me! Although I might be a little very biased since it is written by a founder & CEO of an online retail website called Nasty Gal. But truly #GIRLBOSS is for anyone. Two people who came to my mind that would surprisingly enjoy this book, my brother and my 14 year old self.

Sophia Amoruso is anything but typical. Her young adult years thrived on her "Eff" the system mentality which landed her a number of mindless part-time jobs and no college degree. Although the story of how she went from an LA shoplifter to CEO of a world famous retail company is intriguing, I was most interested in her morals and personality. Here's why I think, despite the frequent use of the F-word, teenage girls need to read this book. Amoruso emphasizes how awesome it is to be true to yourself (without sounding so cliché). She makes introversion seem cool and hard work look more badass than ever. As far as style she talks about how clothes should make you confident and not conceited. The book is basically an outline of how girls can rule their own world and not be ruled by those around them. Be yourself, stand up for yourself, love yourself, and you'll be someone someday.

I would recommend this book if...

- You want to feel like a badass

 - You need a confidence boost

- You're in a career slump

- You just graduated college

- You're going into high school

- You enjoy occasionally thinking "Mwahaha I am building my empire!"

(at least that's how I felt throughout the entire book)

Basically if you're a female. Read. This. Book.

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