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Chi-Town Recap

Girl and the Goat2 Girl and the GoatGirl and the Goat3Girl and the Goat Chicago2 Chicago1Navy Pier

This weekend, my mom accompanied me on a trip to Chicago for work (boy it's weird to say that)! When we weren't doing "work" things we enjoyed a little sight seeing :) The biggest highlight of the getaway was by far our dinner on Saturday evening. After an hour wait, which ended up being so worth it, we were seated at an outside family-style table at Girl and the Goat. It was funny since I told my mom I wanted to sit at our own table and thought it would be weird sitting with strangers. (As you can see, I got a little snap-happy with my brand new Nikon during our wait)

 Ironically, dining with strangers turned out to be really cool and I was able to do some networking and engage in conversation that I otherwise wouldn't have experienced. Nowww for the food…absolutely exquisite! They served mostly seafood and small plates of which we had three and each one that came out just happened to be my "favorite" dish. Everything was fabulous and I highly recommend the restaurant if you're ever in the Chicago area!

Other classic Chi-town stops we made were Navy Pier, Garrett's Popcorn, and a stroll on Michigan Ave. It's always nice to escape reality for a few days :)

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