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Ciao Bella

Ciao BellaCiao Bella Ciao BellaCiao Bella Ciao Bella

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I'm going to apologize right now for the excessive amount of exclamation points that will be used in this post! Those of you who follow my Instagram might remember my pictures from the Michael Bublé concert I attended a few weeks ago. If  you don't follow my Instagram or remember the photos, let me refresh your memory with the words "front" and "center" ;)

Months back me and three friends purchased our seats for the concert in section 204, not wanting to spend too much money on tickets. Despite our average seats we were all excited to attend, had some margaritas before the show, and got dressed up for the occasion. We must have gotten to the concert venue and been inside for no more than a minute or two when a lady walked up to us and asked where are seats were. I responded "section 204," and she replied "not anymore," handing me an envelope with the words "Front Row" printed on it! I know…crazy right? We were in shock and by the time we realized she wasn't messing around she was gone. It was like a magical Michael Bublé fairy came down from the heavens and sprinkled us with the greatest seats in the house! We ended up sitting in the very literal front and center seats, probably less than 10 feet away from him! Needless to say it was an evening we'll never forget and if you haven't already figured it out by now, this was the outfit I wore to the concert!

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