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Coated Skinnies + Fall Florals


Outfit | Katelyn Now Outfit | Katelyn Now

Outfit | Katelyn Now

Outfit | Katelyn Now

Outfit | Katelyn Now

I'm finally taking the opportunity to show off my coated skinnies that I mentioned back in this post. A few weeks ago I paired them with lovely fall florals and my Old Navy booties. I was desperate to add some coated denim to my wardrobe  for a while because it instantly dresses up any outfit and is perfect for date nights or going out. 99% of the time I choose pants over a skirt or dress so I'm always keeping my eye out for fun new pairs of denim. I had also been craving oxblood or wine colored pants for fall and winter. So I figured purchasing these bad boys from Gap was killing two birds with one stone, in other words saving money. That is how it works right? ;)

Anyway, hope you all have a fabulous Thanksgiving holiday! Any extra-exciting plans out there?



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