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Denim & Camo


As a girl who has worked at Gap for 3+ years, I have a serious love for denim. Here's my little denim on denim story:

I went in for interview at the Gap in April 2010. At the time I had very little fashion sense and had recently bought a top from TJ Maxx that happened to be denim. At the interview I paired that top with jeans that I had owned for a long time. I didn't put much thought into it and didn't even realize that Gap's display at the time was all "Denim on Denim." As you already know, I got the job! On my first day my manager came up to me and another manager and said "I was so excited when I saw you come in for your interview wearing Denim on Denim!!" To be honest it was completely just by chance, but ever since then I've really grown to love the look.



I went with camo shoes to add a little fun to the outfit (P.S. this is the most amount of camo you will ever see me wear).

Camo Shoes

Shirt: Gap

Jeans: Gap

Bag: Urban Outfitters | Similar

Shoes: Target

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