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DIY Clothing Rack

DIY Clothing Rack

Clothing Rack DIY | @katelyn_now

When I posted this photo on Instagram a few weeks ago, many of you asked where the clothing rack is from. Wanting a place where I could hang dry my clothes, and feeling inspired by the fixtures we have at our Free People store, I put this one together with some help from the bro. Since I've been a part of our FP store from the start, I was able to help create little projects like this during the opening process, so emulating the steps to recreate my own was pretty simple. This entire project cost me about $50 and was finished in one day. All of the supplies were from Home Depot. Here's what you'll need to make your own:

2 Floor Flanges

2 90 degree elbow pipe connectors

2 Copper or Iron 3/4" wide x 48" length Pipes

1 Copper or Iron 3/4" wide x 36" length Pipe

Power Drill

4 Industrial Swivel Wheels

1 48" long board (I believe we had to cut one in half lengthwise at Home Depot)

Spray paint if you want your pipes to be a different color. I used a copper tone spray paint on iron pipes for mine.

First, I spray painted all of the metal parts. While they were drying I screwed the 4 wheels on to the bottom of the board. Next, simply screw the elbow connectors to both ends of the 36" pipe. Screw the two remaining 48" pipes to the other end of the elbow connectors. Twist the flanges onto the bottoms of the 48" pipes. Leaving 6" or so on both ends of the board, use the power drill to screw the flanges (which should be connected to the rest of the pipes at this point) onto the top of the board. Voila!

Before you go getting all FOMO about my little set-up here, you should know that this is literally the only cute part of my bedroom. I love the little personal touch it adds, but the rest of my bedroom here in Florida is made up of a futon and random furniture that my roomies had in this space before I moved here. Other than investing in a few plants, I haven't spruced it up much and I'm surprisingly okay with it! I love the fact that I have very few belongings right now. It makes me feel like anything is possible. It prevents me from feeling stuck and getting caught in the notion that where I am right now might be permanent. Hey, even that #vanlife is a real possibility for me (I can't tell if that's a joke or foreshadowing at this point). Anyway, I hope some of you choose to make one for your own space! If you do, please send me pictures or tag me in them if you post to social media :)


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