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DIY Flower Pot

Before Flower Pot

 For the first time in my 22 years of life I am the parent to a house plant! I think this is an adulthood milestone, so I'm really hoping I can keep this thing alive. Pretty sure I only need to water it about once a week so it would be terribly pathetic if I can't make it last. Anyway, inheriting my first plant means I needed a flower pot and that sounded like a great opportunity for a DIY project to me! After a tiny bit of Pinterest inspiration for what to draw, here is what I came up with:

After Flower Pot

Materials I used:

- Painters Tape

- Flower Pot ($0.99 at Goodwill)

- Mint Acrylic Paint ($1.99 at Michael's)

- Foam Paintbrush

- Gold Glitter Spray Paint (About $7 at WalMart)

- Make-It-Stay Spray Paint (About $5 at Michael's)

- Gold Paint Pen (About $3 at Michael's)


1. First I taped up the bottom portion of the pot with painters tape to protect it and then spray painted the top part with gold glitter spray paint. Let dry and then spray once more. Let dry completely.

2. Next I removed the tape from the pot and painted the bottom part with the acrylic paint using a foam paintbrush. Wait for it to dry and then paint a second coat.

3. When the acrylic paint is completely dry I used a pencil to carefully draw out the arrows to make sure there was no weird spacing or anything. Then went over the pencil with the gold paint pen.

4. Finally, Spray the entire pot with make-it-stay spray paint to, well, "make it stay!"

5. Pot your plant and enjoy it's beauty!!

Decorative Flower Pot

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