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Dressing up Graphic Tees: Milwaukee Style

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             Outfit 1.     Blazer | Gap     Shirt | MKEHome      Jeans | Gap     Shoes | UO

                           Outfit 2.      Blazer | Kohl's    Shirt | Colectivo          Necklace | Forever 21         Boots | Target


Until recently, I thought that graphic tees were best for bummin' around, running errands, or going to class. But then I got a couple of them that I'm pretty crazy about. Just a few weeks ago I bought this "Milwaukee Home" shirt which I personally think is fantastic because it's from a store & brand that's based entirely on loving the beautiful city of Milwaukee! Also, I had my eye on this "coffee" t-shirt from my favorite local coffee shop, Colectivo (formerly Alterra), for a long time, so I snatched it up about a month ago before they made the name change. The thing about these shirts though is that I don't only want to wear them when I'm lounging around or running some errands, I want to wear them out! Not only because I'm proud to support where they are from, but they're actually really comfortable too. So here's how I made my graphic-tees more suitable for dinner dates and grabbing a drink with friends :)

P.S. Please forgive the wavy/curly/frizzy mess that is my hair in this post. The pictures were taken while it was rainy and humid so there was no way of taming it. Plus I have decided to embrace it since it's the only way I can look anything like Beyonce. Seeee don't we look like twins? Okay so maybe she works the frizziness a little better than I do, but a girl can dream...

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