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Enchanted Forest

kate weinstein photokateweinsteinphoto_katelyn_enchantedforest_17kateweinsteinphoto_katelyn_enchantedforest_1kate weinstein photo kate weinstein photoSometimes a blogger and a photographer want to get together just to create something beautiful and that's exactly what I did with Kate (Kate Weinstein Photo) not too long ago. It's the perfect combination since I'm to the point where I am comfortable in front of a camera and nothing makes it easier for me than having someone who knows what they're doing behind the lens taking the shots. There's not much else to say here except for the fact that I had so much fun being adventurous and playing around a bit with Kate and her imagination to create this enchanted forest scene! I absolutely had to share them :)

Let us know what you think and have a very happy weekend ♥

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