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Koss FitSeries

 I thought an intense photo of me boxing would be quite the way to start of a post this morning. I have mentioned a few times before that I generally try to live a healthy lifestyle (see my Fit Life board). Of course there are a few exceptions, one being the vacation I just took where I most certainly consumed more calories than I should have for each meal. Not only is staying healthy and fit an aspect of one of my jobs, but it is also something that I have complete control over and truthfully, I love that. Day to day I try to live based on an 80/20 equation. I've learned in the past few years that maintaining the fit body that I want is 80% eating right and 20% working out. This can also be applied to eating healthy. I make an effort to eat whole, unrefined, and natural foods as often as possible, say 80% of the time, while still giving myself some treats here and there (the other 20%).

Personally, I loved helping out with this photo shoot for Koss and their headphones that are made specifically for working out because it coincides with my lifestyle! I absolutely swear by their FitClips (the coral colors headphones) for running and refuse to use anything else. I got my first pair about a year ago when I was training for my first half-marathon. Two days before the big day, I'm sure I had too many tabs open in my mind as usual, I carelessly threw my workout clothes in the wash forgetting to take my iPod out of the pocket first. My iPod was miraculously safe, the FitClips…not so much. I am so loyal to those babies that I convinced myself it would be impossible to run my half-marathon using any other headphones and immediately rushed out for new ones! It's pretty rare to find a pair of headphones that you literally never have to touch or adjust during a run, which is why I love them. Koss also has earbuds in their FitSeries which I found great for lower intensity workouts or weight lifting because you don't need the whole clip over your ear if you're not bouncing up and down.

I would apologize for such a long post today, but fitness is too important to be sorry for talking about ;)

Photo details:

Black Jacket : Gap

Grey Jacket : Lululemon

Leggings : Gap

Headphones: Koss' FitSeries

Location : Monkey Bar Gym

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