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"Flawless" Outfit Inspiration


Beyonce Inspired StyleBeyonce Flawless OutfitBeyonce Flawless OutfitBeyonce Flawless OutfitBeyonce Flawless OutfitBeyonce Flawless Outfit

Kate Weinstein Photo

 For those of you who missed my Instagram and Facebook announcements, this week is all about Beyoncé on the blog! I've had a few Beyoncé inspired posts in mind for quite a while now and they all started coming together around the same time so I thought I'd share them all in one exciting week :)

Way back in December when Beyoncé released her secret album I, of course, purchased it immediately. I still remember the agony of knowing there were 17 music videos from my favorite dancer and artist on my computer just waiting to be watched while I forced myself to study all day long for a final exam. I finally gave in around 9pm and watched every one of them. The video for "Flawless"  became my instant favorite mostly because of the killer choreography, but I also noticed she was wearing an outfit that I could put together on the spot. And let's be honest, how often do you see that in a Beyoncé music video (or any music video for that matter)?

I think we can all agree Beyoncé's version is much more fierce and edgy than mine, but that's because fierce and edgy aren't exactly my style. So I catered to my comfort zone and made the outfit more wearable for me :) How did I do? Let me know in the comments!

I've assembled some similar pieces below so you can shop the look and customize it to your own personal style: