Happiness Project: December

Happiness Project: December

"Will is a skill." - Jillian Michaels

December, what a month! I'm sensing an unusual pattern in my goals recently. November I focused on faith and December the focus was health, most people would probably push each of these forward a month. I guess I wanted to avoid being cliché. But do you have any idea how hard it is to consciously try to lead a healthy lifestyle in the month of December? It's real tough you guys.

I didn't have any specific weight or calorie cutting goals, I just generally wanted to be more conscious of what I'm putting into my body and get back into the swing of working out. Ever since the season ended for my dance team I've been incredibly lazy fitness-wise. So this month I hopped on the treadmill, re-discovered the feeling of sore abs, and consumed food more intentionally. Eating healthy isn't the tough part for me. I generally like most nutritious foods and have a good idea of how to prepare them. The difficult part for me is finding the will to get a workout in. Lately, my excuses to not workout are vast and pathetic. I'm open to suggestions in this area! What mantras do you have to get yourself to the gym?

In the next month, it'd be ideal if I could get back to how tone I was at the end of the dance season this year. Wish me luck (and send some motivational vibes my way)!

I'm not 100% positive what January will hold for my happiness project yet. I'm conflicted because the first 3 weeks of the month will be crazy focused on prepping Woodbury Lane for launch and the final week will be spent cruising the caribbean! So my original plan to focus on money and a budget doesn't seem quite right. I'm thinking the task will most likely end up being "work and goals" this way my end of the month vacation will still feel like part of the month (traveling is a goal of mine)…totally justified :)

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