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Happiness Project: November

Happiness Project: November

"Because you know that the testing of your faith develops perseverance - James 1:3"

Can I just start by saying where the heck has this year gone!? I really thought I was recapping the month of October today, but here we are and it's DECEMBER. May excitement and nerves for the new year commence!

My happiness project for the month of November was all about faith. And let me tell you…I wasn't great at it. All my life I have been a Christian and have tried to live my life by following these morals and values, however, it has never been the center of my life the way it should it be. This month my goals were to go to church every Sunday and read a devotion each morning. I went to church once and probably averaged 2-3 times a week for the devotions.

I realized that it was hard for me to set aside the time these things and to form new habits. Especially when my week is all over the place and sometimes I end up having a photo shoot or I'm out of town on Sunday mornings. Of course these are poor excuses to not expand my faith, but they are partially true.

This month was such a learning experience because I've never actively said to myself "I'm going to try to be a better Christian starting now." The most important thing that I learned is that it is a commitment that I need to make to myself daily. The days that I remembered and set aside time to read and think about a devotion were all great days! I felt like they gave me a purpose for those 24 hours and something meaningful to think about other than daily stressors.

Lucky for me, the tasks of each month of my happiness project build upon each other. S0 I will actively be taking into account my faith for months (and years) to come and hopefully it will become a natural daily habit! If anyone has tips about this topic I'd love to hear them in the comments :)

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