Happiness Project: October

Happiness Project: October

"If you want to be more productive you need to become master of your minutes"

I feel like it's been forever since writing about my happiness project, but really it's just been a month ;)

A few things I'm beginning to realize about the project: for me, it's actually not so much about happiness as it is bettering myself. Which I suppose, over time results in greater happiness. The little tasks I assign myself each month are keeping me from being lazy, unorganized, and purposeless. For October the task was time management. I knew the month would be a doozy when it came to business happenings. I attended a networking event, began major buying purchases for the shop, and slowly but surely shipments began to arrive. Ever since June I had been eagerly waiting for all the excitement that October would hold. I knew the month needed to focus on managing my time.

Overall I think I did a pretty good job. Typing this post out is allowing me to reflect on what has gotten done this month and it's a lot! Without time management it wouldn't have all gotten accomplished. Every evening I would make out my to-do list for the next day. I also began making to-do lists for longer terms….things that needed to be done within the week, the month, or before WL's launch.

- Side note: I began creating all my lists on the app called


. It is genius! It gives you a reminder at 9am everyday of what you need to get done and syncs with other aspects of your phone. For example if you have a missed call the app gives you the option to add calling the person back to your list! Also, it will automatically move things that you don't complete today to your list for tomorrow. After a week or so it will move items on your "upcoming" list to your "today" list. It's just a pretty smart app and if you're into staying organized like I am, I suggest you download it :D Side note over -

These lists gave me a much better idea of where to allocate my time and effort each day. The biggest thing that changed about these to-do lists that were different than lists I have made in the past is that they were realistic. After making the list I would go back and think about it realistically….can I actually get all of this done in one day? If the answer was no, I'd move some things to the following day and came to the realization that there was no harm in that.

The trickiest part for me is that as a small business owner (and the only employee of the business at that) there is always going to be work that needs to get done. Another aspect of time management is knowing when to work and when to play. Most evenings I was able to shut everything down around 5 or 6pm, but if I knew I wanted or needed to do something non-work related the next day I'd stay up later. Most of this is probably common sense, it's just good for me to think about as I'm getting adjusted to working from home.

I'd say it was a successful month as I took on time management and continued to work my relationship, tackling nagging tasks, and my commandments. Acting the way I want to feel was definitely the challenging to keep up with this time around for me.

If any of you have time management advice of your own….I'm all ears!