Happiness Project: September

Happiness Project: September

"Act the way you want to feel"

I bet you guys thought I gave up on my year long Happiness Project after not recapping August's goals on the blog…tricked ya! I chose to not post about August because the topic was love + my relationship, which felt a little personal for the interweb ;) In a nutshell, I focused on a lot of the same things that Rubin (the original Happiness Project author) worked on during the month she devoted to her marriage. These things included proofs of love, talking about the future, and remembering that your significant other is a guy, so he likes to do guy things. Keep the girly activities for your girlfriends and you'll both be happier (I struggle with this one).

As for September, the goal was to "act the way you want to feel." I knew this month was going to be crazy. It was the busiest month for my dance team, with events almost every day and I started a new nanny job watching a 1 and 3 year old. I'm sure it would have been all too easy to be crabby and stressed everyday (and I had my moments), but overall it was amazing how acting the way I wanted to feel helped with the craziness of my schedule the past 30 days. When I was with the littles I wanted to feel like I had as much energy as them and not like I just woke up from 5 hours of sleep. Just being conscious of the fact that I want to feel energetic and awake suddenly made me more so. I found myself smiling more and feeling groggy less. Just like that. I also found it very beneficial at some of my dance events. Somedays, I'll be honest, I just did not feel like being there, but once I remembered the mantra of the month I sucked it up and felt lucky to be a part of an amazing team!

The second major part of the month was noticing myself always wishing it was sometime in the future and never being satisfied with where I am now. I've actually know this about myself for a really long time and have tried to make an effort to live more in the moment. All attempts have failed and I've come to realize that this is just how I am. It's an engrained part of me that will probably never change. So instead of trying to change myself I'm taking another route. Whenever I find myself wishing it were sometime in the future, I'm jotting down why I'm looking forward to that point in time and what it is I'm expecting when the time comes. To start, I thought about what I was looking forward to a few months back about right now. I recalled I was excited that I wouldn't be going back to school in the fall because I'd have so much time for leisurely reading! Ironically I haven't done much reading at all. It's this kind of thing that I'm attempting to change.

I will always be the kind of person who thinks ahead and looks forward to the future. Now it's time for me to embrace what I was looking forward to when that "future" becomes the present.

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