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Lately I've been thinking a lot about other people's happiness. I enjoy people-watching, which I know lots of you do, but when I people-watch I try to avoid judgements. I actually like to look for people who seem happy...I think I'll call it "happy-watching." By the way, I'm taking full credit for the creation of this activity from now on ;) Anyway, I think it's fun to see what people are laughing or smiling about, who they are interacting with, and if they seem truly happy inside. You should try it. Once you find someone near who is radiating happiness it will rub off on you I guarantee it. With all of the bad things we hear about and see going on around us, watching someone be so simply happy by just talking to another person makes me feel like this world is an alright place :)

Just a little food for thought on this lovely Monday morning.

As far as the outfit...I wish I could wear this one everyday. It's comfortable, stylish, and involves camel & coral which is a fabulous combination. I even got to add some mint in there (my favorite color to wear) thanks to this brilliant necklace I got from Lizzibeth. Oh and if that's not enough greatness in one outfit let's throw some cheetah print shoes in the mix too :)

Top: Gap

Necklace: Lizzibeth

Jeans: Gap (old) | Similar

Shoes: TOMS

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