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Items I'm Adoring: Part 2

Items I'm Adoring Final Part 2

 Aaaand here's a few things I've been adoring this week:

1. Hairbands: Okay first of all I'm not quite sure why I called them "fabric" hairbands above^^^  They're still elastic-y so don't let that fool you. I got mine from Lizzibeth and they are faaantastic. I can actually put my hair up without having a horrible crease in it when I take it down & BONUS they come in fun colors which is better than wearing a boring black hairband all the time.

2. Racquel Beauty: I don't know much about make-up...which is why I love these tutorials. She actually knows what she's talking about and it makes me want to go out and make an investment in quality products (someday)!  :) Take a look at her videos here.

3. Maple Spice Latte: So two weeks in a row a latte has made my top 5. I think it's safe to say I have a problem (addiction). In all honesty, trying something new tends to make me happy and a latte is the easiest way to do it :) So this week I tried a soy (<< always) Maple Spice Latte & yum yum it is good! It makes me feel like I'm embracing the lovely season that is Autumn! I actually have this drink here.

4. Blogging Bag: Alright you got me. That's not the technical name for this bag, but that's what I like to call it. It's perfect for when I'm going somewhere and I ONLY need my computer, not my entire backpack and all of it's highlighters, notecards, binders, studious stuff, etc. On top of the fact that it can fit my computer, it's also very cute, a great color, and conveniently comes with an adjustable shoulder strap. Clearly I really like this bag. Ohhh yes and I used my free gift card from Ebates to purchase it ( From Target | Similar  :)

5. Free Bird Top: A style blogger's dream would be to discover a new and affordable boutique shop in her hometown. That dream came true this week! I went back to my hometown over the weekend and my mom presented me with this exquisite top from a new shop called "Free Bird," located just minutes away from my house. I think I died and went to Heaven.




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