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Items I'm Adoring: Part 3

Items I'm Adoring | Katelyn Now

 Coconut Oatmeal

I've been eating this sweet-tooth-satisfying concoction almost every day this week! Just take quick oats and add some brown sugar, vanilla extract, and coconut. Simply delicious and a perfect late night snack (that's usually when I crave sweets).

Bit of Berry Lipstick

In the past I haven't been big on lipstick. I think because my history in dance has lead to some scary lip color requirements I've tried to avoid it at all costs. But lately I have come around to it and this Bit of Berry shade by Maybelline is great for autumn cause it's feminine and not too dark.

Library Card

I finally got my Milwaukee County Library card this week! The card itself is not what I'm adoring, but libraries are. I love being surrounded by endless amounts of creativity, ideas and history! Here's a link I found through Cupcakes and Cashmere on the most spectacular libraries around the world.

Old Navy Booties

I've been seeing these little black booties popping up EVERYWHERE lately. I'm loving the way they look with a fall dress or cropped skinnies. I recommend them from Old Navy because the price is hard to beat! These babies were just $25 (on sale).  

Focus @ Will

I have to be honest. I usually do my homework and studying in complete silence. If I listen to music I get really really distracted. I'll start singing along or making up dances in my head. Next thing I know an hour goes by and I've gotten nothing done! Focus @ Will is a website plays classical or spa-like music (you can pick the station) and it actually helps you focus instead of doing the opposite. Now I turn it on every time I sit down to get stuff done!

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