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It's My Birthday!


^ Cheesin' cause it's the 90's! ^

Yes I got the memo that yesterday was #TBT, but today is my 23rd birthday so I figured I'd celebrate on the blog throwback style :) Those of you who know me know that I'm a big fan of birthdays because there is honestly nothing better than a celebratory dinner & drinks with my favorite people and  24 hrs of getting free stuff (I'm lookin' at you Starbucks vanilla latte). When I was rounding up some old photos for this post I couldn't help but notice how obvious it was that I am the second child. My brother had a whole lot more bath time, naked bum, & silly candid photos than I had which I suppose is okay with me. I will say that I racked up more sleeping pictures than he did though! I've always liked my sleep :)

Also, HIMYM fans, please read the title of this post in Natalie's voice. You know, the crazy krav maga chick that Ted breaks up with on her birthday…TWICE? That girl. I've had that in my head all week. You can completely disregard this if you've never seen How I Met Your Mother…

On another note, I can't wait to see what year 23 will bring for me. With no more school and figuring out my career path, I have a feeling this is a gonna be a roller-coaster of a year that I am so excited for. Bring it on!


 ^ Too cool for school ^90sChild

^Umm can I please have this wispy blonde hair back with perfect bangs? Seriously my hair is uncontrollable now! Also, I'm pretty sure that pouty face is what got me all those McDonald's ice cream cones as a child. How could you say no!? ^


^ First dance recital! Always rockin' the bangs. ^

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