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Jeweled Baseball Cap

Jeweled Baseball Cap_Fotor_CollageDIY Jeweled Hat | Katelyn Now



Do you ever look at something and think "What the heck, I could make that and it would cost me way less money!?" Well, this happens to me a lot, and the weird thing is I actually do end up making it. All you Pinteresters with a DIY board full of 1,000 pins that you've never actually done, yeah I'm talking to you! I saw this $125 jeweled hat from J. Crew online, super cute right? But to be honest I'm not a big hat person, which would make paying $125 for it even more ridiculous than paying that amount if I was a hat person. However, I still wanted jeweled hat because it's pretty and fun and girly :) So I took matters into my own hands and made a similar one using some gems that I already had from when I bedazzled my pumpkin last year, permanent fabric glue, and a plain black hat (all from Michael's).

I just used some tape to get an idea of what kind of pattern I would follow before I got started and then worked from there. I liked the idea of have the gems more concentrated in the crease where the top part of the hat meets the lid. I used my fingers to hold the gems and glue them on, but I have insanely small fingers so a normal person might want to use a tweezers. Here's the final result!


Jeweled Baseball Cap | Katelyn Now



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