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Just Peachy

Maxi Skirt + Crop Top OutfitMaxi Skirt + Crop Top Outfit Maxi Skirt + Crop Top Outfit Maxi Skirt + Crop Top OutfitMaxi Skirt + Crop Top Outfit

Based on this outfit and my last outfit post, it is clear that I am a lover of the crop top trend (especially with skirts)! If you're unsure about trying it yourself, I think today's look is a modest and subtle way to test it out. A crop that is more flowy than tight is where you'll want to start and pair it with a high waisted maxi. Voila! Cute, comfy, AND not you don't even have to worry about feeling like you're hanging out everywhere, which is how you might think you'd feel while wearing a crop top. When loose fitting clothes came back in style I swear it was a gift from God. Let's all embrace it while it lasts!

Anyway, some days my creativity and wit and are just plain lacking…today is one of them. So I apologize for the short post and corny title. Luckily the pretty pictures by my friend Kim make up for it :)

Details - Top : Free Bird | Maxi Skirt : Shopbop | Photos : Resler Photography


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