Laid Back Style

Laid Back Style

Since I don't have much to say about this outfit other than I'm wearing the comfiest, coziest, snuggliest sweatshirt on the planet (details here), I've decided to pair this post with a few things I've learned so far on my entrepreneurial journey.

Style tip: Any time I'm trying to achieve a laid-back look I reach for my destructed denim!

1. Everything will take longer than you expect.

So far this is the most crucial thing I've learned. Want to edit a photo? Oh that should just take 10 minutes right? Wrong. Give this at the very least an hour if you're a perfectionist like me who will literally go back and retake the photo if something is the tiniest bit off. Want to become a registered LLC? Give that a few days to fill everything out, a few weeks until you get your documentation, and a few additional days to review things with an expert or accountant. Need to purchase discounted fabric to create an exclusive item? Don't count on the huge discount store you travel to in a different state to have what you need! And when you find what your looking for online…be prepared for them to send you the wrong fabric. Okay, that last one may have been an extreme situation, but you get my drift. Basically prepare for things to either go wrong or take much longer than you would thing. Allow extra time for everything.

2. Figure out a routine.

Going into this whole thing, I was under the impression I would wake up each day and work on whatever I felt like that day. To some extent this is true, but there's no denying that certain things can't be put off until "I feel like doing them." Over the past few weeks I've unintentionally established a routine and it seems to be working well. Generally I take product photos, edit them, and upload them to the site on Mondays. Tuesdays I try to get out of the house and run my errands and maybe take some outfit photos. Wednesday is left to tackle whatever else I didn't get done on Monday and Tuesday. Then my week is cut short because I nanny on Thursdays and Fridays!

3. Don't forget to celebrate.

I made a pit-stop at Michael's the other day and much to my surprise the store was a Christmas wonderland. To my greater surprise I felt the prick of tears of joy at the sight and sound of this! Somehow, among all the craziness of starting a business I've managed to forget that Christmas is right around the corner. If you know me in real life you know that I am not one who forgets about Christmas. In fact, my best friend and I have a tradition of listening to Christmas music while we carve our pumpkins. Turns out I didn't even carve a pumpkin this year. Bottom line is that entrepreneurship will be time consuming and mind consuming, but you can't let it become life consuming.

There you have it. The three major things I've learned thus far :)

Photos by Resler Photography