Leading Lady

Leading Lady

 Sunnies c/o Sunglass Warehouse | Photos by Resler Photography

Ever since graduating college in May life is beginning to feel like a competiton in many aspects. Sadly even with friends sometimes. You get together and talk about your new job, your new place, your new car and all of a sudden life is one big comparison contest. I hate the feeling! It leaves me thinking is this how all of life will be or is it just exclusive to twenty-somethings because they're still figuring it all out? And what will be next? Who has biggest ring, the nicest house, or the most successful children?

Maybe I'm exaggerating a bit, but it is true that being around some people just makes me feel a bit inferior. When I came that conclusion it hit me. I'm allowing people to make me feel this way. Truth is: I have a crappy car. I'm living at home with my parents. It'll be years before I see any real money from my business. I'm not expecting a ring on my finger anytime soon and believe it or not I'm cool with it! I'm going to freaking own all of this. Because as Kate Winslet declares inone of my favorite movies,

"You're supposed to be the leading lady of your own life for god sake!"

In other news...cool things about this outfit: 1. All items (with the exception of the shoes) are over a year old 2. I'm trying out a new style of sunnies thanks to sunglass warehouse ;)

Happy Monday y'all