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Makeshift Jumpsuit

Makeshift JumpsuitMakeshift JumpsuitMakeshift JumpsuitAccessoriesMakeshift JumpsuitPhoto credit: Resler Photography

This is not a jumpsuit. I wore this outfit for my birthday get-together and I knew I wanted a jumpsuit for the occasion. You can thank me later for not titling this post "birthday suit." Well, after shopping around and stumbling upon numerous overpriced or poor quality jumpsuits that I'd probably only wear a couple times I decided I'd just put together my own little fake version. I'm wearing a tank I purchased from Gap a few years ago and wide-leg pants from Target (only $18). You can't even tell this isn't a real jumpsuit so clearly this was the way to go :)

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Aaand I'm just noticing now how predictable I am with accessories. I apologize for almost always accessorizing with mint (in this case turquoise) or coral. I promise you, and myself, that I'll grow out of this phase eventually! Back to the jumpsuits - - I've gathered a few items that could be paired together to create your own makeshift jumpsuit if you're in the same boat I was, but if you're serious about a real jumpsuit, no worries I've included some of my favorite finds of those as well. Apparently I mostly dig the solid black ones…oops!


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Real Thing:

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