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Monday Inspo + Weekend Recap

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 The Monday before spring break, this is always a tough one for me! Especially coming off of such a fun-filled weekend. Friday night was spent in the nerdiest way possible, enjoying my one of my favorite sweet and salty combos of homemade popcorn and chocolate milk while watching the fourth installment of Star Wars (A New Hope). A few weeks ago the bf and I started Star Wars weekends since I'm a huge fan and he has never seen them. Insane right? Or maybe I'm just a sci-fi freak…either way we started our little tradition with episode 1, some might say this is the wrong way to watch the trilogies, but it's been fun observing him put all the pieces together.

My enjoyable weekend did not stop there. Saturday I had the opportunity to meet 9 other style bloggers from the area who got together to model for the Lizzibeth 1st Birthday Party! I had a blast struttin' my stuff on the runway although I was a bit nervous. I'm still hoping my little twirl wasn't as awkward as it felt #runwayprobs

Pics for that event to come soon! I'll most likely be sharing them on my Facebook page :)

Aaand just when you thought I was done boring ya'll with nerd talk. After the party I spent the evening watching the newest Hunger Games movie, Catching Fire, for the first time and then proceeded to obsess over it for the rest of the weekend. It was a good one friends (the weekend and the movie…sorry still obsessing).

In case you're not here to read about my weekend recap and you're just interested in the above pictures (I don't blame you), I decided to share some of my Pinterest inspiration as of late. All these pictures/pins can be found on my "Never-ending Wish List" board and the links are also attached above!

May the force be with you ;)

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Lizzibeth Fashion Show

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