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Natural Holiday Wrapping (With a Touch of Gold)

Natural Holiday Wrapping (With a Touch of Gold)

 I'm so excited to share my earthy and festive present wrapping tutorial today! Mostly because last year I wrapped all of my presents with a really cute chalkboard theme and then completely forgot to blog about it…I'm sure finals had something to do with that! Now that I'm a college grad I can finally enjoy December a little more and find the time to blog a few holiday DIYs :) For my wrapping I used leftover greenery from the wreath I made with Laurelyn :)

To start you'll need the materials pictured below

- Kraft Wrapping paper - Greenery from a lawn/garden store. - Faux berries from a craft store - Scotch tape - Scissors - String

I pre-made my gift tags the evening before so they had time to dry. You will need:

- Gift tags available at craft stores - Elmer's glue - Gold glitter - Gold paint pen

First write the "to" and "from" on tags using the paint pen and let dry. Next I simply dipped the edges of the tags in glue and then in the gold glitter and let them dry overnight.

Step one: First you will need to wrap your box using the kraft paper. Next, cut the greenery and faux berries so that they are even lengths. Place the berries over the greenery and wrap the branch ends with string to hold them together. When the ends are completely covered cut the string and tie a knot to secure.

Step two: Then you will use your string and wrap it around the present as you would with ribbon. Because the string is thin, I wrapped my present twice around.

Step three: Tie the string in a knot to secure and do not cut the excess string. You will need this to secure the greenery/berries and gift tag later.

Step four: Place the greenery and berries over the knot of the string on the gift. For this particular gift I liked the greenery to be vertical, but you can angle it however you'd like. Then you will use the excess string from the present to securely tie the greenery/berries to the gift. After tying the greenery to the present I also taped it near the top to avoid the greenery/berries from sliding around on the gift.

Step five: All that's left is adding the gift tag! Once again you will use the excess string to attach the tag. I loosely tied the tag so it would hang down from the gift a little bit.

 Now is when you'll want to cut any excess string and….voila! You have a beautifully wrapped present that your friends and family are sure to love :) I don't know about you, but I really believe that the presentation of a gift is half of the excitement of gift-giving! If any of you use this idea for your presents this holiday I'd love to see how it turns out! Or even if you choose to come up with your own creative way of presenting your gifts this year, please share a photo with me on Facebook or Instagram :)

Photos by Resler Photography

Heart Top & Ring from Woodbury Lane



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