New Year, New Outlook

New Year, New Outlook

Is there a particular age when holidays just don't feel like holidays anymore? For me that might be age 23, although I'm hoping it was just this particular season. I hate that I've been a bit of a downer on the blog in a few posts this past month, but honestly this season I just didn't feel the magic. I even remember talking with a friend the night of Thanksgiving and telling them how something just felt off.

Anyway, New Years has been the same for me. Everyone has been wrapped up in goals and resolutions and I've hardly given it all a second thought. After remembering that I create my own reality (and realizing that I was spending the first Friday of 2015 alone at home), I figured I should probably sit down and really think about the next 365 days. This weekend I made many lists of goals. Goals for the business, goals for my relationship, and goals for my health and happiness to name a few. I must say I'm feeling a bit more inspired today. Maybe after some time inspiration just takes a little effort :) Here's another list of (less personal) resolutions that I have for 2015.

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