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Pretty In Pink

Pink Skirt + Crop Top Pink Skirt + Crop Top Pink Skirt + Crop Top Pink Skirt + Crop Top Pink Skirt + Crop Top Pink Skirt + Crop Top

The only way I know how to start off this post is with a huge THANK YOU! If you missed it, the #realbloggerbeauty campaign took place on Monday thanks to Maya and it was an epic success. So I'd like to congratulate Maya and thank her for being so inspirational and say thanks to you readers for all of your kind words and comments on my Real Beauty post! It truly goes to show how opening up and being a little vulnerable has it's benefits.. I couldn't be more grateful for everyone's thoughts and prayers for my cousin and words of mutual understanding about the often sugar-coated blogging world.

To stick with the theme of #realbeauty this week, I'm going to be honest with you. See that rat's nest on top of my head? (AKA mah hair) That is how I wear my hair 90% of the time these days. My hair is naturally curly and there's no controlling it in the summertime so I opt for the messy bun way too often. In fact, not too long ago the little boy I nanny for completely out of the blue goes "Katelyn, you know you don't have to wear your hair up every single day right?" Ha! He's 8 and he's not afraid to tell it like it is! On a more pleasant note… HOW FREAKING ADORABLE IS THIS SKIRT?!?! :) and better yet it is 50% off on Shopbop right now! Get it HERE

Details - Top : Similar | Skirt : Shopbop | Sandals : Gap | Purse : Lizzibeth | Jewelry : Lia Sophia | Photos: Resler Photography


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