Progress Update: Woodbury Lane

Progress Update: Woodbury Lane

 I feel like it's been quite a while since I've updated you all on the progress of my business! Sure, I mention it here and there, but how is it REALLY going? Well, after the Gift Boutique closed there was a bit of a lull, but within the past two weeks SO much progress has taken place. Shipments have been coming in just about every day since the new year (notice the pretties above)! Since I now have a decent amount of inventory in I was able to put together the first professional photo shoot for WL :) I am so excited for everyone to see the final product of this. Not only was the day successful, but it was also incredibly fun too and I felt so in my element.

From there, I set off to go film the launch video which consists of me talking about Woodbury Laneand what it's all about. It also consists of a lot of awkward pauses and head nods from yours truly (which I'm sure my film guy will be editing out). Do you have any idea how hard it is to talk about yourself in front of a camera? It's not easy!

In less than two weeks now I'll be heading on a much needed vacation to regain my sanity, which I'm likely going to lose again the second I arrive back home. Once I get back, it'll be crunch time! I'll be working to get all of the products up and listed on the site as soon as possible so that Woodbury Lane will be live at the end of February :) Thanks for following along on this journey so far!

Also, does anyone have interest in reading a series about the business? I'm thinking once it's up and running I'd like to share what I'm learning along the way in some sort of business series on the blog. Let me know!


Photo by Resler Photography