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Quarter-Life Crisis

Quarter Life Crisis in your 20s

Recently, I've been having some crazy conversations with my friends. They've been going something like this…"Where is my life going? I've graduated, now what? Am I going to be alone forever? Am I dating "the one"? I'm going to be a cat lady! Am I going to be living with my parents until I'm 40? Where am I going to find a job? Everyone's getting married!"

OR this….

"I feel like I have so many opportunities after college! I'm so excited to start my career! I'll have money to travel! We got a place together! I could finally move away from the horrible Wisconsin winters! I'm engaged!"

Nooo we are not bipolar, we're just in our 20's. I'm sure many of you have had it up to here (imagine hand a few inches above head) with these posts about being in your 20's. But that is where I am at in life and my blog is called Katelyn NOW after all so I'm not about to write on being in my 30s ;)

Quarter-life crisis may be a bit of an extreme definition for all of this, but when you're the one going through it, it sure feels like one. Here's the thing, in your early 20's the majority of your future is unknown. Many people find this word scary, and that's where all these questions come in. The big one being "where is my life going?!" Okay yeah that question is pretty damn scary. But on the other hand the unknown can be absolutely thrilling, jam-packed with endless possibilities. The first day of this semester I walked around campus with a tight chest and anxieties about how this is my last semester & after this, it's the real world for me. I was scared thinking what if I make the wrong choices after college. Am I going to be like all the people on the planet working 9-5 just to stay alive? (That was the perfect opportunity for Beyonce lyrics...had to).  What if I begin a job that sucks the life and passion out of me and I just live day to day going through the motions? Yes I was overthinking everything. The next day (I'll add that this day began with yoga, probably contributing to my mood) I was downright euphoric thinking about the future! So many possibilities and opportunities await, freedom from studying, having money, all the positives were floating around in my mind. After those two crazy polar opposite days and talking to a few girlfriends I know that this is normal. Although it's probably best to be somewhere in between.

Here's how I'm handling this. The unknown is completely out of my control. Although I can control my decisions, I cannot control the outcome of them. So I'm keeping in mind that I can control my mood, my thoughts, and overall happiness by not over thinking everything. Attempting to go with the flow is much easier said than done, but of course it's worth a try. Another huge thing is remembering that everyone's life is set at a different pace. I think this is the most important since it's so easy to think "Everyone is moving in with their boyfriends so I should be too!" or "Everyone is starting their jobs immediately after graduating so I should be too!" Not true at all. Could you imagine a world where everyone was set at the same pace for life? How boring would that be!? It's exciting to think that my best friend is starting her career and my cousin is taking a year off to travel. Those were totally just examples, but I think we should try to be inspired by what other people are doing with their lives rather than freak out about where we are in our own.

Sorry for such a long post today, I suppose this is something that I just felt needed to be shared. Particularly for those of you who are in the same boat. Just remember that no matter where we are in our short 20 some years of life, we're really all in this together. God has a special plan for each and every one of us. Keep that in mind and it should (hopefully) ease some of your fears ♥



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