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Quest to Shop Small

  Shop Small & Local | Katelyn Now


 This post has been in the works ever since I began my Christmas shopping which was liiiike... 2 months ago. Needless to say I'm happy to finally be publishing it!

So, shop small and local <<< that is what this is all about. It took me a while to recognize the importance of buying from small businesses. The concept finally clicked with me when I began this blog (back in August). When I first started blogging I would become incredibly excited and giddy each and every time I saw I had a new follower, a new like, a new comment, etc. for anything I posted (heck, I still get super excited). It's crazy-awesome to see that people actually enjoy reading/browsing through what you're putting out there for the whole wide world to see! In the beginning process of blogging I discovered an abundance of new (to me) blogs and noticed that many bloggers have their own Etsy or personal shops with lovely handcrafted items. Eventually I put two and two together and realized that most likely whenever someone orders from their shop, they get to feel that tinge of excitement that I feel when people give me positive feedback on my blog.

This is what lead me to my quest to support small and local business when Christmas shopping this time around. I must say I found some fabulous items (pictured above) that made perfect gifts! So I suppose this is my little PSA to my readers to SHOP SMALL + LOCAL! I encourage it because it will make someone happy, give them a rush of excitement, and not to be corny, but seriously It's helping to make someone else's dream come true!

Bracelet | Lizzibeth

Winter Headband | Etsy

Plaid Infinity Scarf | Lizzibeth

Winter Infinity Scarf | Etsy

♥ Grammar Print | Etsy

Boot Socks | Freebird

Plaid + Cheetah Print

Racquel Beauty Collab