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Racquel Beauty Collab

BeforeAfter Make-up by Racquel Beauty

I am ecstatic to finally be able to share this post with you, my reader friends :) Last weekend I met up with my friend & beauty vlogger Racquel. We had a blast as she took on the challenge of giving me a new make-up look. When I say challenge I truly mean it since she is not a make-up artist and has an entirely different skin tone than I do. This look was difficult for her to create, but it turned out fabulously!

To begin, Racquel knows that I usually wear very subtle to no make-up on a day to day basis. So she wanted me to try something new. The look involves many elements that I don't utilize daily:

- Contouring

- Filling in brows

- Fake lashes

- Eyeshadow (Naked 3 palette)

- Glitter eyeliner

aaand she might have me convinced that I need to go out and buy all the amazing products that she used. Another awesome aspect of this video is that it is also a tutorial with the new Naked 3 Palette that everyone and their mother is obsessing over these days! I'm not a big eyeshadow wearer…by that I mean I like never wear eyeshadow. But the Naked palettes have such subtle and natural hues that could actually be worn everyday, so they're hard not to love!


The full tutorial video is down below for your viewing pleasure! While watching please ignore my excessive blinking (apparently I'm not good with bright lights) and my awkward wave at the end. Thanks & enjoy ;)

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