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Real Blogger Beauty

 Happy beginning of the week to you. I hope everyone had an enjoyable summer weekend! Personally, I had a pretty fun one that included meeting a bunch of other Midwest Bloggers at the Milwaukee Blogger Bazaar on Saturday :) One of the lovely ladies I met was Maya of the blog Charmingly Styled, what a cutie she is! I'm mentioning her in particular this morning because she has a genius  thing goin' on her blog today called #realbloggerbeauty. She has invited any blogger to link up and write about an issue, struggle or charity that is important to them. The main idea is to step away from this false sense of perfection that all too often appears in the blogging world.

This idea is definitely what I was trying to convey in my post titled Imperfections from a while back, but I'd like to expand on the topic today. Here's the thing, people enjoy looking at pretty pictures and hearing positive things. Poorly photographed photos don't keep a reader's attention and neither does complaining about life in a blog post. That's where the struggle comes in for me as a blogger because professional photos and happy little stories are not always REAL life. It's difficult to find the perfect balance of remaining positive without gloating and staying real without being boring or depressing.

So I'll be completely honest with you. Being a blogger IS in fact pretty great. Yes, you get some free things. You may even get paid if your blog does well. You get compliments from strangers almost everyday. Cool? Yup. Buuuut that doesn't mean we aren't REAL people with REAL life issues, problems, or worries. It would just be incredibly boring to write about about those things everyday. From the beginning, I've tried to keep Katelyn Now as real as possible and will continue to do that throughout my blogging career. I think it is important to be vulnerable sometimes and to not pretend to live in a sugar-coated world! Here's a little list of my real blogger beauty truths of the day:

- I'm writing this post in a t-shirt and cotton shorts (cute hey?)

- I've had a mad case of chin acne the past few days. Gross, I know.

- My cousin was just diagnosed with bone cancer 3 days ago.

- My boyfriend is gone on a week long family vacation (4 days of the trip I won't be able to talk to him).

- I hate my hair 6 days of the week. Every week. And can rarely seem to find the time or money to do something about it.

- I ran a half marathon on Saturday. It hurt, I struggled, and did not come even close to the time I was shooting for.

There you have it. A REAL life update on the uglier side of my life. Although I could complain about these things I have to consciously choose not to, or otherwise find a lighthearted way of mentioning them in a post because this is a blog I want people to come to for inspiration or a little break from their life, not because I want people to think my life is perfect. Now I invite you to enjoy some really pretty behind-the-scenes shots of me while taking outfit pictures. Because I am in fact a real person who does not photograph well 80% of the time ;)

Real Blogger Beauty Real Blogger Beauty Real Blogger Beauty Real Blogger Beauty Real Blogger BeautyReal Blogger Beauty


So funny ^^

Please enjoy the rest of your Monday and be sure to check out Maya's blog to read other blogger's stories of real beauty!

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