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Shop Girl Diaries | 01

Shop Girl Diaries | 01

After lots of amazing feedback on last week's Instagram post where I asked if anyone would be interested in reading a series on business and entrepreneurship life, I got crackin' on the first post of this series! So, welcome to my brand new "shop girl diaries" series where I will share what I'm learning as an entrepreneur of a small business, specifically an online shop (Woodbury Lane).

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While I'm tempted to write about every single thing I've learned so far, I'm going to try to only focus on one topic per post in this series :) This way no one should feel overwhelmed with too much information being thrown at you at once! A few months back I talked about three things I had learned on my journey so far in this post. Those three lessons included 1. Everything will take longer than you expect, 2. Figure out a routine, and 3. Don't forget to celebrate.

Today let's talk about expectations vs reality. Specifically regarding relationships. When you have your heart and mind set on the goals and future of your business, you'll likely be ecstatic about it. Feeling passionate about something usually leads to talking about it a lot (or wanting to talk about it a lot). And here's where we go wrong. I've quickly learned that not everyone I am close to is going to understand what I'm doing. Starting a business to those who have never done so themselves only sounds like a lot of work, but it's likely beyond their comprehension. This is when us #GIRLBOSSes need to remember that it's not a fault of our peers. Chances are, we don't understand what our friends or family do at their day to day lives at work so we cannot expect the same from them! What makes us different is that we are starting something from scratch. Literally something out of nothing. I think that gives us a false notion that what we are doing is just as exciting to other people as it is to us. The reality is, to them it's more or less just another 'job'.

The cool thing is that your business will bring you closer to unexpected people in your life! People who may have been acquaintance for years, and they really dig what your doing. So here's what to take away from today's post:

False expectation: "I can talk to everyone about my business and if they're my friend they will reciprocate my excitement!"

Reality: Not everyone has the visionary quality that entrepreneurs have and that's okay! You are friends with the people you are friends with because you have a lot of other common ground. Entrepreneurship will lead you to new people who understand your path..and BONUS you get to keep your old friends in the process :)

Are there any questions you guys have been dying to ask me about entrepreneurship? If so, leave 'em in the comments! ↓

Trujillo, Honduras | 1.28.15

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