Shop Girl Diaries 04

Shop Girl Diaries 04
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As a woman who is relatively new to the world of business, I’ve quickly realized how crucial (and time-consuming) networking can be. Making connections is a critical part of the web of factors that can make every business successful. With social media constantly changing the game of how businesses are run, us biz owners could literally collaborate with like-minded people most days of the week. Sometimes (okay, MAJORITY of the time) it can be hard to say no to networking events because you never know how helpful of a connection you could make by attending. To avoid feeling overwhelmed and to keep things in perspective, I’ve opted for a new perspective on my non-business relationships these days.

There are three in particular that can be more beneficial to your career success than you may think, and here’s why:

1- Your Relationships with your Non-Business Friends: It’s Friday night and your biz partner invites you out for a drink with other local creatives. Then you get a text from your BFF…”FRIENDS marathon tonight?” Tough choice. The past couple of months I’m sure I would‘ve chosen the first option, but more recently I’d go with the latter (and I contribute this to the fact that I’ve become more in tune with myself, my wants, and my needs…see #2 below). I’ve come to realize that when I’m spending time with my non-business friends it’s sort of like entering into a different universe. I turn back into the person I was before I became an entrepreneur. I’m carefree and not worried about budgets and profits or brainstorming new marketing strategies. I get to just be me. I often walk away from these get-togethers feeling rejuvenated, motivated, and ready to kick-ass at whatever is on my plate for the next day (yes, even if the friend time was on a Friday night, because God knows Saturdays do not equal “a day off” for business owners)!

2- Your Relationship with Yourself: For your best ideas to flourish you have to be in tune with what things inspire you the most. As you go through your work day, actively think of your activities and consciously decide whether they are helpful or harmful. Then rid yourself of everything that does the opposite of inspire you or move your business forward. Things that you may not realize you do everyday that make you feel inadequate (ahem, spending 10 minutes scrolling through Instagram feeds of celebrities), scared, or worthless…toss those limitations out the door and say “sayonara!” Because when we get caught up in the comparison game (or the distraction game) we lose sight of our personal goals and begin to doubt ourselves. A #GIRLBOSS who has a healthy relationship with HERSELF and knows where her best inspiration comes from is no doubt ready to take on the world.

3- Your romantic relationship: Your relationship with your partner probably has a bigger affect on your career success than you realize. Think of the day after a big disagreement with your significant other. Are these days spent replaying your conversation over and over in your head and full of anxiety? Likely your answer is yes and no one can be productive under these circumstances. Of course arguments with your hunny are entirely inevitable, but whatever the issue is, it’s important to nip it in the bud as soon as possible before these problems carry over into your work day. This relationship is also essential to your work success because it’s almost as if there’s a third partner in your relationship…your business. Talk about the current state of your business, whether it’s healthy or not, with your partner just as you would talk about your relationship with them. Not only is it good to have a second option on work issues, but it will make you feel closer to your guy too :)

<< I originally published this post on Best Kept Self as a featured contributor, but thought it was a perfect addition to my Shop Girl Diaries series which is why I'm sharing it here too :) >>