Specs + Sweaters

Specs + Sweaters

 The hunt for a grey chunky-knit sweater has come to a close! Last week I found this one from H&Mfor just $20. In the store I wasn't in love with the fit, it was the price that got me. But since I purchased it less than a week ago I think I've worn it 3 times. Needless to say it's grown on me and any thoughts of returning it halted almost immediately after trying it on at home. Funny how that happens sometimes.

In other news, how are we feeling about specs these days? A few years ago people referred to them as hipster glasses, but I think the blogger version is "specs" and I think I'm really liking them :) I ordered mine online from Firmoo, a site with seriously unbeatable prices for prescription glasses. While at first I was skeptical about getting glasses from a website the whole experience was actually very simple and user friendly. I just had to create and account and upload a photo of myself to get an idea of what the specs would look like on my face. Now that I have them in real life I can see how accurate it was!

I've been wanting new glasses for a few years now since my old ones were still from high school, so this is a big step up for me you guys…plus they add an intelligence factor to my daily look so I'm not complaining about that. Also, props to my photographer lady for disguising the ridiculously nasty cold I've been battling all week. It's a miracle you can't see the redness of my nose and my watery eyes in these photos.

Bloggers gotta blog.

Specs c/o Firmoo